Jul 17

One day in typing class, I arrived before everyone else. We had an antiquated typewriter that I had been dying to try out. I began preparing for my typing test by practicing on the old dinosaur. Before I knew it all the keys had jammed up into a huge ball. I frantically tried to separate them, now being the only one in class it would be pretty easy for everyone to figure out who had done it.

I noticed a piece of paper folded up under the front of the typewriter. Looking over my shoulder I unfolded the piece of paper and noticed the letterheads of the school on it. I was shocked when I saw the words; I promise to never become a secretary, typed all down the page. My heart sank when I read the signature at the bottom. It had been signed by none other than my mother.

Jul 6

Icy walkways or driving in the snow might be typical reasons to worry about winter weather, but higher than average heating bills and being cold while inside the house should not be. It didn’t take me long to realize, once the windchill dropped and I found myself having to wear a sweater in the house, that my heating system needed help. Basic emergency plumber Manchester, such as an adjustment to a temperature gauge or an inexpensive valve tightening, is an easy fix that can actually save money in the long run-over the course of the winter heating season. In the short term, it helped me to finally be able to relax in the house with no worry about being cold. I don’t have a quick fix for icy roads or hazardous driving, but a quick boiler adjustment can make a huge difference inside, making winter weather more bearable.

Jun 7

We’re not experts or even experienced in home renovations. And, when it comes to Bolton bathrooms, we’ve been totally lost. Yet, now, with our current washroom, we’re at the point of no return. The tiles are falling off the walls, the drywall is rotting all around, and we are actually seeing an occasional “slug” crawling on the wall!
Well, this is an older home, a serious fixer-upper, so we knew what we were in for. Plus, we don’t have much of a budget, either. We’ve got to rely on ourselves and our friends, really.

We’re currently in the info gathering, pricing stage, checking to see what’s online, and what we’ve got locally. But one thing for sure, we think things will go smoother, as we are making grids of information, what we’ll need, what we can afford, location, etc. So, hopefully we’re getting organized, realistic, and off to a good start!

May 29

Living in Orlando Florida it has been known to get hot, but as a northerner I moved down here thinking “wow that’s awesome”. No longer did I have to worry about losing a toe to frostbite, having to put on several layers before going outside, I was finally going to be warm. So I moved down here as a northerner thinking I didn’t need Manchester air conditioning, after all as long as I wasn’t cold I would be fine, and I could save some money on electricity. However, I shortly realized I couldn’t have been more wrong, when Southerners talk about the heat they aren’t kidding. When it gets upwards of 90 degrees I’m really regretting my decision and so are my friends and family as I get crabbier and crabbier the hotter I get. Some days I just stare at the thermostat wondering if I will ever be cold again.

May 23

Losing weight has been the hardest struggle of my life and I really struggle with motivation. It is so easy to be good about going to the gym and eating a healthy diet for a week. Then, something comes up and my motivation is lost.

I finally managed to shed some serious weight the past couple months and it’s all because I hired a thai massage Manchester. I was worried about the cost but I have found the investment in my health to be totally worth it. I knew that my trainer was expecting me to show up and meet him at the gym every day and he was going to quiz me on what I ate. I can’t lie to people so the pressure he placed on me kept me on the straight and narrow. I wish I had thought of hiring a trainer years ago!